The Shooting Range

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Preparedness
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When you take someone to the shooting range for the first time; here are some things you’ll want to make them aware of before they meet you there.

  • Remind them that after you properly instruct them in how to use the particular firearms you will be working with; that they will be shooting real ammunition.  If they fail to follow appropriate safety protocols that you have discussed with them, then their day of shooting will stop immediately.
  • They need to bring their own eye and ear protection as well as water and a snack especially on a really hot day.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.  Sandals and flip flops do not qualify in this regard.
  • Do they really know how to get to the range and the exact time to meet you there.
  • Remind them if this is the first time they have ever gone shooting at a range; that they will not be an expert, or a sniper, after one session, nor should they try and act like one.
  • Make sure they know it is okay to ask as many questions as they want regarding the weapons they are using, proper techniques, range etiquette, etc.

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