Every Prepper Has Their Favorite

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Preparedness
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As preppers we all know the importance of having a safely stocked emergency supply of food, water, first aid items, self defense equipment, and the list of course goes on and on.  When it comes to food; while it is important to have a healthy variety to choose from, as well as making sure it has long term shelf life capability, I notice that every prepper seems to have one particular food item that they stock up on more than the others.  

As you review your food storage items; sometimes this item becomes clearly evident upon visual inspection. Simply by counting the amount of items stocked; the overall winner in my survival pantry is of all things Spaghettios.  Yes I know there are healthier choices; but I find nothing gets me quite as warmed up and ready to roll quickly like a fast, hot can of Spaghettios.  

Check your foods as you may find one food item that has a sneaky way of being there more often than any other food choices you have been stockpiling; in case disaster strikes.  So what item is in your survival food pantry that has become your favorite in both abundance and taste?

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  1. Reboot1776 says:

    And you should be stocking comfort foods. When the SHTF, we’re all going to be stressed so make sure you have good supplies of those foods that are not just nutritional but provide some comfort as well.

  2. Canned chicken and black-eyed peas for me. Stuffed ravioli (by same maker as spaghettios) and applesauce for the kids. Campbell’s tomato soup and asparagus for the boyfriend. Purina One High-Protein sporting Breed formulation for the doglets. Chicken of the Sea tuna for the boyfriends’ cat.

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