Self Defense Shooting Technique In A Post Apocalyptic World

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Preparedness
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In a post apocalyptic environment when law and order is non existant and it seems as though it is everyone for themselves; it is important to know good, effective, self defense shooting techniques if attacked.  The following is a recommended method.

  1. Shoot until the threats have been neutralized.
  2. Reload.
  3. Move from cover position to cover position.  Remember cover is anything that can stop an incoming bullet.
  4. Scan to see what other dangers are around you.
  5. Get help from other members of your survival group.
  6. Verify your targets are incapacitated.  If not; rectify that situation.
  7. Self assess.  Make sure you have not been hit or wounded in any way.
  8. Scan your surroundings again.
  9. Wait a reasonable amount of time before moving out.  Don’t just assume that there aren’t more of the enemy out there.  Move out using cover and concealment and minimize your target profile.

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