Why Bugging Out May Not Be The Best Option

Posted: November 29, 2013 in Preparedness
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When disaster strikes the options to bug in (stay put) or bug out (leave) can be a hotly debateable topic.  Obviously each type of disaster scenario contains its own risks and there are many variables to consider when deciding whether to bug in or bug out.  Whenever possible and if the situation warrants bugging in, to me, is generally a better option.  Here are a few considerations why.

  • Most people do not have a well stocked, well fortified retreat to bug out to, way out in the backwoods or lightly populated country areas.
  • Living off the land is not as easy as they make it seem on television.  Food will be both scarce and labor intensive to acquire.
  • Roads will be congested, fuel aquisition will be problamatic, and looting and thuggery will be prevelant as tempers flare on the overly congested roadways leading out of the area.
  • If you have to abandon your transportation are you prepared or fit enough to walk a significant distance with your supplies and gear?
  • Bugging out can increase your likelihood of falling victim to predatory groups or of sustaining additional  injuries.

If the situation warrants it is generally better to stay put where you are with the emergency preparedness supplies you have already gathered in anticipation of disaster scenarios.  Follow your survival plan and adpat as needed.  Use the resources you have on hand to survive; and to overcome your obstacles.  You are in familiar territory when you stay put at your home for example and you will have access to all of your pre-stocked supplies and your defensive weaponry.

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  1. SGT Mo says:

    Nice piece. I think that the first thought for most people is to get the hell out of where ever they are. If you’re going to stay, I think that shoring up your house is the way to go. Having things like boards to put over your windows on standby and an extra deadbolt on exterior doors can really help and give a stronger sense of security.

  2. SGT Mo says:

    Reblogged this on Notes From the Zombie Apocalypse and commented:
    When SHTF, it’s widely accepted that you have to get the hell out of there. Maybe it’s not such a great idea…

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