Prepping; Some Things You Need To Know

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Preparedness
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Prepping is one of the most important ways to prepare for anticipated disaster scenarios which might occur during one’s lifetime.  Life can be very dangerous and only a foolish person would deny that it could possibly have a detrimental affect on their own lives.  If you don’t bother stockpiling food, water, first aid kits, self defense capabilities, and a whole host of other necessities; then you have no one to blame but yourself; if you go through a disaster cold, wet, hungry, thirsty, and unprepared.

When the SHTF it all comes down to personal responsibility, self reliance, and the ability to do what it takes to survive.  Your survival plan must be workable; but also flexible enough to constantly adapt to changing circumstances.  Ignore those people who tell you there is no need to be prepared; the government will take care of you, as that is a fallacy and a falsehood.  The bottom line is that you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and security.

Prepping means anticipating and preparing for the disaster scenarios that might affect you and your family; along with determing what preperations, supplies, and skills are necessary to help you survive. A realistic risk assessment is important to analyze periodically as is being mentally prepared for how you will handle a variety of potential survival scenarios.  Prepping is an individual thing and how one preps, why one preps, and what one preps are going to be different depending on one’s mindset and one’s circumstances.  So what are you waiting for?  Start prepping today.

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    During the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy in 2012, the Government did try their best but fell short of the mark. The ones who are never spoken of, and never receive any credit, are the volunteers and families from all over the United States and some foreign countries, Australia, United Kingdom, and others, who donated food, blankets, professional triage services, and so forth. Labor unions had volunteers that did carpentry, electrical, and plumbing & heating, to give people more stability and comfort in their homes. Of the looters, it started but was immediately squashed, and after one looter was shot and killed, I did not hear of a single incident past that. It is my opinion that, a ratio of good vs. bad, people helping one another, without seeking any reward, I would place it at around 500:1 or better. Much better. Groups of teenage males, White, Black, Hispanic, just started walking the streets and everyone was watching them, and they knew it, but, they started lifting heavy tree limbs to clear roads, asking people if they needed any heavy lifting done. Pulled sopping wet rugs out of houses that stunk of low tide. All of them, were a credit to their respective races and ethnicities, and together, they all, are, a credit and virtue to America. Charlie Daniels wrote a song “In America”, and it sums it up best, paraphrased: “We may have done a little fighting amongst ourselves, but we’ll all stick together and you can take that to the bank.”

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