Disasters can occur anytime and anywhere and can be natural or manmade.  These realizations have been a driving force in making survival and preparedness mainstream in today’s society.  The world is prone to danger and all it takes is one disaster to disturb the comforts of life as well as the infrastructure that we all depend upon and take for granted.  If you haven’t prepared yourself for disaster survival then you will needlessly subject yourself to cold, wet, hungry, thirsty and fearful days and nights if and when disaster strikes.

If you are unprepared then your options are limited when it comes to survival.  Natural or manmade disasters can affect people in ways they might never have imagined.  Make sure you are adequately prepared so you do not have to depend on the kindness of strangers or be forced to become a fleeing refugee.  Survival planning will go a long way towards making sure your chances of staying alive during a disaster increase dramatically.

Remember panic, confusion and a complete breakdown of law and order are just some of the things you can expect to encounter after disaster strikes.  It is important to hope for the best but to be properly prepared for the worst.  You are your own first line of self defense and your own first line of rescue.  Bad things can and do happen but you can do as much as possible to prepare yourself so when that moment arrives; you have a fighting chance to survive.

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  1. Brittius says:

    I don’t know how to put this, to the readers, but.., don’t be surprised, if people turn to you, looking for help. Look into Leadership Skills. People flocked to me, after the flooding, because I can make primitive fire. Initially everything was soaked so I improvised with white petroleum jelly, and a tiny bit of beeswax rubbed into a T-shirt patch I cut 1″x1″ and got it going with a spark. Then people asked if they could have some fire to take home for cooking and heat. Then they asked if the roads were open. Then they asked if food, water, and help was going to show up. Then more people showed up. They stared at me sipping a hot mug of black coffee and I asked if they had any sealed coffee at home. Many did. I made kettles of coffee and more people showed up. Then the police showed up and smiled. They returned with information and help for the people with the volunteer fire department handing out MREs and water (FEMA was 100% useless). Then boats tied off of my bulkhead and asked for coffee. They gave me fresh fish. Then we used boats to travel around to main docks in villages where mass transit was operating and stocked the boats with whatever little food was found and that was given to the people. It only took bus fare out of the area to bakeries and bread was purchased. Bus fare back to the dock, a boat ride back home, and people were cut a piece of loaves. One-hundred dollars in bread (that was still warm) a little fresh butter or cream cheese, and people were grateful. In fact, yesterday, I drove back down the old street (my house is gone), and with windows rolled down, looking around, people all over were saying “hello”.
    My point is, prepare for survival, but also prepare for something unexpected and good, to happen. Leadership skills are always welcome. Think, on a larger scale.

    • rmactsc says:

      It’s good that you were able and willing to help others in need. It would be nice if everyone did the same but unfortunatley there are the other types of people who would instead take advantage of the situation.

      • Brittius says:

        That would be correct. Best to over-train and over-prepare. Have contingency plans. Expect the unexpected, and don’t be surprised if something opposite or completely out of character happens.

  2. Nickolas V. Cummings says:

    In Closing No matter what you think, there are several reasons why you should attempt to learn these survival skills as you never when disaster strikes! And as Darwin said: there is no doubt that only the strong (and the prepared) will survive!

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