Things You Should Know But Might Not

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Conspiracy
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Here are a few things that people should know but might not; as the mainstream media either won’t cover them or alters the storyline so the truth won’t be known.

  • Laws and mandates have been and are being passed in the United States that directly contradict what is allowed under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • The federal reserve is not a government agency or organization; it is a privately held bank.
  • Our currency is not backed by gold or silver but is instead created at will and then loaned out for interest which makes it a currency based on debt rather than any kind of tangible value.
  • When the federal government borrows money it uses American citizen’s as collateral in the form of projected revenues which can be collected from each citizen in the form of taxation.
  • Your social security number and birth certificates are openly traded on the stock market.
  • Schools condition rather than educate in many instances.
  • Entertainment and related media encourages people to be consumers and reminds us that life is not fulfilling unless you acquire things and keep up with the Hollywood elite.
  • Politics and policies are not put into effect to help the average individual but are put into place as control mechanisms instead.

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