Looking Fashionable During The Zombie Apocalypse

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Zombies
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Just because the zombies are coming isn’t a reason not to be fashionable 🙂


  1. Brittius says:

    …News Flash: In real combat, one of the last colors anyone should wear is black. It stands out like a sore thumb unless you remain in the shadows or a night situation. It shows up exactly as if you were wearing bright orange. In combat, you wear muted earth tones. Even your leather should not be black. I wear muted earth tones every day because I like them (my personality) and.., I keep a low profile, because nobody notices me very much.

    Muted Earth Tones. Look at WW2 U.S. Infantry; brown boots, brown pants = Closer to earth level colors. Olive green = shrubbery and trees. Understand?

    You wear black, you will get picked up in enemy gunsights mighty quick. Same with mustaches and facial hair. Foreign troops, officers wear mustaches. Clean shaven = grunt/private/no value target. Shave Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Look a little rumpled in clothing. We always had some mud stains that never came out, on our trouser knees and elbows. Officers are sparkling clean.
    Being cool is one thing – Being dead.., is another.

    • rmactsc says:

      The post was meant as humor sir although black is a very effective night operations color scheme provided it is limited to the darkness of the night.

      • Brittius says:

        I know it was meant for humor, without any question about that.
        I gave some advice because I do see a lot of black worn by people thinking TAC is cool, but they have no clue about the real deal.
        I would not be surprised if any readers quietly say to themselves that they did not know that.
        Comedy + Combat Proven Teaching = Success.

  2. Idahobob says:

    I do not believe that she will run very well in those heels.


  3. I must say. Finding her in a zombie apocalypse would be…. A treat?

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