Protection When Society Crumbles

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Preparedness
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If society crumbles due to economic, political, or social reasons, you can expect violent crime, looting, rape, assault, murder, etc., to reach unprecedented levels never before seen in modern times.  Police will be unable or unwilling to respond to cries for help as they will be looking to protect there own families. In short you are on your own and you will need to be prepared accordingly to deal with this type of scenario.

If law and order breaks down you must be sufficiently armed with the will and the skill to do what you can to protect yourself and your family.  Do not go looking for trouble; but if trouble finds you there may not be anyone else available to assist you in many circumstances.  

Two main types of threats you might face are career criminals who use the societal collapse as just another excuse to commit violent crimes and formerly good people who have been driven to do bad things based on circumstances; meaning they didn’t prepare and now they are trying to take food, water and other supplies from those who did prepare.

If you don’t own firerams or have access to them and you don’t know how to use them efficiently and properly; you will find yourself at a distinct disadvantage.  You should familiarize yourself with firearms and the proper methods of loading, unloading, target acquisition, maintenance, and which firearms, gauges, and calibers are best for which situations.  Be prepared because when all is said and done you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and security.

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  1. Holli says:

    It takes surprising little to crumble civilization. Human nature takes root quite quickly in disasters…and it’s not pretty.

    So many presume civilization is the norm, and that it’s an anomoly to have horrible living conditions with roaming bands of barbarians. The opposite is the truth.

    I know…life and soul, I am! lol

    • rmactsc says:

      Civilizations seem to rise and fall so quickly from historical perspectives that it is imperative that people know what to do if they are involved in living through a societal collapse.

      • Holli says:

        So true! One never knows when it will come. Best to be prepared always.

        What’s the saying? Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. 🙂

  2. Very informative and eye opening post. With the societal collapse things can go wrong very quickly and one needs to be prepared for those times. Thanks for sharing a thought provoking post with us. Take care and God bless.

  3. Reboot1776 says:

    Once a collapse occurs, the dominoes are going to fall shockingly fast. In no time at all, grocery store shelves will be empty, services will be out, and the looting and rioting will begin.

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