Why You Should Be A Prepper

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Preparedness
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The world today is fast paced and changing and one never knows when a dangerous situation or scenario will occur.  From manmade disasters such as war and nuclear explosions to natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, winter storms, etc., you must be prepared to deal with these disasters as well as any others that might arise if you plan on surviving.  Being realistically prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and with the will and the skill to survive; will increase your chances of survival dramatically.

You cannot always rely on the government or other people to save you when disaster strikes.  If you wait for others to come to your rescue; you may, in certain circumstances, be waiting an extremely long time.  You may have to deal with extensive food and water shortages, rationing, looting, and aggressive violence.  If you take the time to properly prepare; you may be able to avoid all of these occurrances. Prepping is like insurance; you may not need it but it is nice to know your prepped items and survival skills are there just in case.

Prepping skills need to be honed, practiced and refined just like any other skill that you want to be proficient at.  You should seek out knowledge from reliable sources and practice your skills at reasonable intervals.  Make sure you know how to use all of your gear and stockpile your food, water, medical supplies, etc., accordingly.  Think of prepping as a hobby which if the situation warrants may someday save your life.

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    Proceeds of sales of books are reported as going to charity. Some people whittle, others write novels. Photos posted are always of toys I would enjoy playing with, and there is always information in text that may possibly be priceless. What? Me? …I detest violence! I will wrap a sweater around my shoulders and sip chamomile and lavender tea, water the house plants, and feed the cats. After all, I am, a “sweet, sensitive guy” (just like Dick Butkus #51).

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    Because it’s already too late if you wait until the Sugar Honey Iced Tea hits the fan.

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