Surviving When Trapped Under Debris

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Preparedness
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In a survival situation the possibility exists that you might find yourself trapped under debris.  If the walls or a building have come down around you and you see a path that will take you to safety then follow it and get out of there.  If you cannot and you are trapped; don’t panic.  Let rescuers know where you are by tapping on a pipe with whatever you have handy or tapping against anything else which will make noise that rescuers can hear.  If you have a whistle with you then use it.  Keep dust, dirt, and debris out of your mouth and nose by covering it with a cloth that you can breathe through; which can also act as a makeshift particle filter.  Do not light a match or use a lighter to see where you are just in case there is a gas leak nearby.

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