Zombie Outbreaks; Could It Happen

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Zombies
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Yes, we all know that zombies in television series such as the Walking Dead or in movies such as World War Z are only fiction (for now) but it’s interesting to speculate on the origins and development of potential zombie outbreaks.  So here are some ideas to consider relating to potential zombie outbreaks. Now it’s up to you to decide on their viability.

  • Origins could be the side effects of scientific experimentation pertaining to perhaps biological warfare, or extending the life span of sick medical patients, or could be a new, virulent strain of an already existing virus such as rabies, etc.
  • Outbreaks might occur as the virus is passed from person to person through either bites, or infected scratches which perpetuates spreading, leading to death and reanimation as a zombie.
  • Once infected the body could undergo changes such as shutting down non essential bodily functions and reducing thought processes to primitive levels.  Body temperature might no longer be regulated, and fevers would ensue; reducing the body to a seemingly dead or undead state.
  • Speed of infection would vary based on immune system responses, whether the virus is contracted through a bite or a scratch, and where on the victim’s body the bite or scratch occurs. 
  • Zombie movements would be slow, lumbering, and erratic, and they would exhibit very poor motor control and coordination.  We are certainly in for a world of hurt if zombies ever learn to run or to climb.
  • Nerves and tissues would decay, emotions would be gone and zombies would be left with only a basic, primitive drive to feed on human flesh. 
  • Zombies would become hyper-sensative to light and sound which in turn would attract hordes of the undead.
  • Zombies can be stopped by destroying their brain.  Rifles, shotguns, handguns and edged or blunt weapons would all be effective in this regard. 

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  1. cb says:

    May I humbly offer an additional scenario which is the basis of the

    Day 42

    story line.

    Zs (pronounced Zēēs) aren’t dead, they are in fact very much alive. But they aren’t really human any more, either. They are infected. Infected in a way that destroys higher brain function, yet maintains and heightens lower functions. If anything, speed and agility are often increased. This, combined with reduced sensitivity (or perhaps no sensitivity) to pain, means that stopping a Z or a pack of Zs requires a lot of fire power. The shotgun is still the weapon of choice for zombie killing. The head-shot method still works very well on Zs. Yet other methods also work. Zs aren’t immortal. They can be drowned but it takes longer than for healthy humans. They can be burned, boiled, or otherwise cooked to the point that muscle no longer functions and blood congeals. They can be hacked apart to the point where sufficient blood loss deprives the brain, nerves, and muscles of oxygen and nutrients.

    cb  Contrafactual.com

    • cb says:

      It appears that my oh-so-clever attempt at mimicking HTML tags got stripped out.

      The intent was

      additional scenario which is the basis of

      [shameless plug] Day 42 [/shameless plug]

      story line

      I guess WordPress (or perhaps my browser?) filters out anything that remotely looks like an HTML tag.

    • rmactsc says:

      Great scenario. If zombies eventually can run then it would make survival much harder.

  2. Thyhadras says:

    You know I think that there is a problem with the whole zombie apocalypse thing.

    Every movie and show that has zombie’s in it have two things in common. The military gets run over immediately, and NO ONE HAS SEEN A ZOMBIE MOVIE!

    So now in the real world lets think about this. The united states military is a monster, a cold, callous, unforgiving monster. I do not think that there would actually just be people brought onto installations and not completely cordoned off until they could be properly diagnosed. Thus preventing the army/marines from being over run. The Navy would be fine, I believe that there would be some ships that were overrun, however for the most part people would not be allowed on ships unless they were VIPs.

    So the military would probably do fine. Now for the civilians. There is a common theme in these movies and shows, where the best that people are armed with is a pistol or a shotgun, however, how many people do you know that have both of those and a nice semi-auto rifle, that they also have thousands of rounds for?

    People are actually preparing for this sort of thing to happen, and honestly I think that many people have a very good plan as to what they would do if it happens.

    Personally, I think that there is a chance that we would lose cities, however, I believe that it would be contained to those cities, and honestly, the destruction we brought on those places would simply leave Clean Up Crews to move in and mop up and surviving zombies.

    If zombies could run… well that would cause serious problems.

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