The Truth About Disasters

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Preparedness
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From a survival and preparedness perspective there is a univeral truth about natural and manmade disasters that you will seldom see reported in the media.  To not be aware of it diminishes your chances of survival substantially.  That truth is that while there are many good people who are helpful and kind when disaster strikes; there are also many people who are the exact opposite.  They will see disaster situations as opportunities to loot, rape, maim, attack, assault, rob and kill others who have things that they may want.  They will use disasters to victimize those that they perceive as weaker then themselves. To these thugs you are nothing more than an inconvenient obstacle standing in their way to obtaining what they want and feel entitled to.  

So to combat this you need to be situationally aware at all times, you need to know the strike points on the human body that can incapacitate your attacker if attacked, and you need to be proficient with a variety of weapons which can be used in self defense scenarios.  Do not be naive when it comes to your survival or the survival of those you care about.  Self defense is your right and your responsibility.

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  1. hoboduke says:

    Somebody always has to keep us updated on zombies and apocalypse scenarios.

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