11 Things To Never Do During The Zombie Apocalypse

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Zombies
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When the zombie apocalypse finally arrives there are eleven things, in my opinion, you should never do under any circumstances.  

  • Panic is absolutely the worst thing you can do.  When you panic you do not think clearly and you will most likely make life ending mistakes.
  • Never split up if you are in a small group.  Defensive capabilities are increased when you stick together.  Small groups who stay together have a better chance of survival.
  • Don’t stand in front of a window or an open door.  Do I really have to explain why when zombies are everywhere looking for their next meal.
  • Don’t be the jerk in the group.  If you are; the rest of the group will more than likely toss you to the zombies, the first chance they get.
  • Don’t fall in love with a woman who is still concerned with fashion, or refuses to go anywhere unless she is wearing high heels, once the zombie apocalypse occurs.  Her neediness and fascination with herself will do nothing to increase your own chances for survival.
  • Never go to a hospital, police station, school, FEMA relocation center, or large public arena. It stands to reason other people have already tried; and this has attracted zombies, which have likely torn these places apart and feasted on those they have found there.
  • Never trust a pacifist to watch your back.  If they are that afraid of self defense or of using a weapon; then find someone else with some courage.
  • Never trust a looter.  You’d have to be insane to want someone on your team whose only thought is how many big screen TV’s they can steal.  They will be absolutely useless and are not to be trusted.
  • Don’t waste your time trying to reason with a zombie.  It is nothing more than an exercise in utter futility.
  • Don’t trust the know it all.  They will be the first ones to disappoint you when the sh*t hits the fan.
  • Never think that you have enough weapons and ammo; you don’t.

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  1. Wild_E says:

    No BBQ’s either
    cars with blown out mufflers
    no loud talkers in group
    no smelly perfumes, soaps or underarm deodorants, stands to reason that this is one way to track the living, stink of scenting products

    practise bush craft in large animal areas, cook then move at least a 1/2-1/2 mile away for bed time

  2. Wild_E says:

    Hiding in Butcher shops or grocery stores, not a good idea either,
    Jet Skiing, too loud as well, better be a big lake

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