Survival And Preparedness Monthly Inspection Tips

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Preparedness
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Please make sure you do the following each and every month to make sure you are properly prepared should a disaster scenario occur.

  • Review the items in your home bug out bag to make sure you know where each piece of gear is stored, how to use each piece of gear, and to rotate food items if needed.
  • Review the items in your vehicles bug out bag for the same reasons as stated above.
  • Review the items in your vehicles emergency roadside assistance kit and replenish whatever auto repair, maintenance items are required to keep your vehicle ready to roll.
  • Review your main and ancillary first aid kits to make sure all essentials are there.

Remember in an emergency you don’t want to be fumbling around wondering where a piece of gear is or wondering how to go about using a particular piece of gear.  Know where each and every item is in each of your bags/kits and how to use them before disaster strikes.  It just might tip the odds in your favor and help save your life.

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