What To Expect If Society Collapses

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Preparedness
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Many people wonder what can be expected if society collapses.  The following are some things to consider should that scenario occur.  This is why it is important to prep now; so you can be prepared if there is a societal collapse later.

  • Deliveries of necessary goods will cease immediately.
  • Grocery stores will run out of food quickly.
  • Gas stations will run out of fuel quickly.
  • Vehicles will be abandoned causing traffic tieups.
  • Banks will stop operating to prevent large withdrawls by customers. 
  • Many businesses will shut down meaning no paychecks for employees.
  • Consumer panic will occur.
  • Looting will begin.
  • Violent crime will escalate including rape, robbery, assault, kidnapping, arson, and murder.
  • Disease will spread as there will be no garbage pickup.
  • The electrical grid could go down.
  • Paper and coin currency will devalue.
  • Clean water supplies will be hard to come by.
  • Police, fireman, and medical personnel will stop reporting to work in order to protect their families.
  • There will be a complete breakdown in law and order.
  • Rioting and civil unrest will be rampant.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    Fire and police might remain in local unit formations where you report to the nearest command. Cities might ache, while suburbs might be better saturated. Rural areas, would be, on their own.

    • rmactsc says:

      I would not blame police, fire, or medical if they chose to stay with their families to protect them. After all family should come first when society breaks down to the point where it may not be coming back.

      • Brittius says:

        It’s all been covered before. Too many years have gone by, where I recall being instructed to report to the local county police station, though I worked in the City. Police are police, anywhere I the State. I identified myself to the desk officer, who simply recorded information from my ID card, and said that all, I could go home. The point is, there is already a plan to cover any possibilities. Today, though retired, I continue to check in with local civil defense during hurricane preparation, in case they need an extra hand. I also volunteered to go to Oklahoma to help out, directing traffic, or taking motor vehicle accident reports, anything where there would be no conflict of interest, as I am still capable of performing most functions and taking reports or responding to complainants. So, if anything bad were to happen, many cops know, who the retired cops are, and how to reach them quick, to help out. I believe the people, would be okay, and emergency first responders would, remain on the job, even if rotated or limited in hours, as many others would, more than likely, be willing to help their communities. I worked one of the worst ghettos in America, and surprisingly more often than expected, I found Good, and I found beauty. I have been called an angel by some, and something quite different by others. I had lost children stop me and ask for help. I also have heard the last words of dying people. I have also witnessed the miracle of birth. My point, I believe in humanity. Teenagers that have been under suspicion as punks, suddenly start helping with manual labor after a flood, no reward expected, just to help. People sharing with others as best they can. I have seen it, and I have been a part of it. Always be prepared, and always be prepared to be amazed to witness and experience some truly wonderful things. People, all people, make the difference. The question remains, whether people will behave responsibly or, act like a pack of savages.

      • bsvinson says:

        About 15% of the New Orleans police department left, without permission, during Katrina. Now that means that 85% stayed behind, which is pretty amazing considering the situation. A good bit of medical staff left as well, but firefighters stayed – almost to the man. In general I’d say that more ‘civil servants’ stuck it out as opposed to ‘private service providers’.

        Now the difference is that people knew that there would be an end to the situation with Katrina. If there is a complete societal breakdown, no one really knows what will happen and how we’ll all respond.

      • rmactsc says:

        The problem was that some responders who stayed behind to “help” completely ignored the rights of some citizens and under threat or confiscation of weapons or destruction of private property forced people who were safe where they were; into either leaving or turning over their weapons.

  2. Reblogged this on zombiesurvivor101 and commented:
    This is what you should expect in a Z apocalypse or any apocalypse and prepare for.

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