Security After Society Collapses

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Preparedness
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If society collapses and law and order becomes non-existent; security will become a major concern.  If you have taken the time to prepare and prepped the things you will need to survive; they will do you no good if you cannot protect them from thugs and looters.  There will be no police to call, and you may be on your own, or with a small group of friends and or family; so it will be up to you to make sure you have the will and the skill to protect yourself and your survival supplies.

If you cannot defend it; then you will not be able to keep it.  This applies to food, water, medical supplies and even family members.  Remember violent crime and rape will reach epic proportions so you need to be prepared to protect yourself and the ones that you love.  The breakdown of society and collapse of law and order will make many people feel that they can do whatever they want; and many will not think twice about assaulting, raping, and murdering if they feel that there is no societal enforcement present.  So are you prepared to survive a complete societal breakdown?  The time to include such planning within your survival plan is now. 

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  1. Heck in the UK you can’t even use harsh language to defend yourself as it “might offend” someone.

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    This is why you need to train, not just once but often. Till it is second nature.

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