Recognizing When A Criminal Attack Is Coming

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Preparedness
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Be alert for predatory signs that usually signal an increased probability of attack.  These signs include excessive or prolonged eye contact; people who approach you deliberately or move with you as you move; predatory movements such as circling, splitting up, or trying to get behind you and people who try and herd you towards a low visibility, isolated ambush point.

Other signs include the use of distractions such as someone asking for directions, or for a light, or physically bumping into you; people who quickly enter your personal space; people who are deliberately following you and people who wear inappropriate clothes such as a heavy jacket in warm weather.

Pay attention to your surroundings (situational awareness).  If something seems unusual, start to increase your defensive posture.  Your behaviors and actions should signal to a predator that you would be a hard target and that you pose such a hazard to them, that they will look elsewhere for an easier target.

Avoid dangerous people and dangerous situations.  If attacked you must be mentally prepared to incapacitate your attacker and win at all costs.  Your mindset and attitude can significantly effect the outcome.

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  3. Phew!! You’re still here! I’ve been hunting high and low for your posts…you’ve no idea how far through the reader I’ve had to go just to find this one!!! I was worried, I thought you’d packed blogging world in as your NY Resolution or something 😉 I was about ready to track you down directly from my list of wonderful people lol on W/P and go straight to your blog to see if it was still there! I thought the apocalypse had finally caught up!!! Great to know you’re still here and in great posting form 🙂

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