Yes, I’ve finally come to realize, the hard way, that as I am getting older my mind still wants to do things that my body isn’t willing to follow.  Case in point was while doing some weight training I tore a muscle pretty badly in my right arm causing pain to radiate up and down my right arm. The pain extends from the thumb on my right hand all the way up to my neck.  Yes I know in a few weeks I’ll be fine; but it made me realize that carrying a bug out bag or handling a firearm have now been made increasingly more difficult, and painful, at least for a few weeks.  Lesson learned here is when it comes to survival and preparedness, it is essential to not push your body beyond what it is realistically capable of doing, regardless of how young you feel inside.

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  1. Now being mildly disabled, I’ve given up trying to be superman.
    Now I think my way round problems, a lot less pain except headaches like you wouldn’t believe.
    It’s hard work thinking!

  2. RT says:

    I find as I’m getting older I have to be more thoughtful and creative about getting things done. There are some things that are just beyond my abilities now – heavy lifting, shoveling, running – that the only answer is to get the grandsons to do it. Boy does that take some effort and creativity!

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