Last night my heavy duty steel shelving units complete with 3 months worth of food and water per person came crashing down as the legs buckled under the extreme weight.  I rebuilt a heavier duty shelving system and restocked everything which took many hours to do.  Luckily none of the food and water supplies burst upon impact with the concrete floor. I share this with my readers so you can learn from my experience. Make sure your shelves, no matter how heavy duty you think they are, really can support all the weight you are looking for them to support.

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  1. wild_E says:

    Glad to hear to hear you are ok and the stuff.
    A WSIB – workers board tip is make sure the shelves are bolted to the floor, bolted to the wall or the ceiling as well. Good for those shake and bake days to come.

    • rmactsc says:

      Great advice sir. I suppose in retrospect if it had to happen it’s better to have it occur in a non emergency situation then in a disaster scenario. But lesson learned and heavier duty shelves rebuilt. I like the bolting tip.

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