The Collapse of Social Order

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Preparedness
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The collapse of social order occurs when the psychological barrier that keeps people in check collapses when conditions warrant.  Once people realize that 911 can’t handle all of the calls, or that police are unwilling or unable to respond during a disaster scenario; the breakdown of law and order occurs.  Examples of the collapse of social order include the L.A. Riots after the Rodney King verdict was announced, and the looting and violence following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Three primary factors that can contribute to the decimation of social order are lack of food, lack of water, and lack of money.  The collapse of social order is extremely dangerous because it is a frame of mind; and when that frame of mind is altered or removed due to a panic/disaster situation, law and order can cease to exist.  

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    A bit beyond that. When all is on an even keel, police are told to be everyone’s friend and to be nice. When any disorder happens or believed about to happen, then police are told to stop being Mr. Niceguy, and start behaving as, an occupying force in hostile territory. It’s also the reason why shield numbers are on helmets. Years ago, we used to say “Hats & Bats – F*#k the badges”. Any civil disorder, the citizen’s safety and well being, is the absolute last thing anyone is concerned with. In some areas where it was an Italian-American community, those people never call the police. Calls go to 911 of people walking in the streets with guns. That always brings a heavy response, because they are prepared to take care of matters on their own, Justice, not Law. They also tell cops to “get lost” and go ‘protect’ the ghettos.

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