Zombie Survival

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Zombies
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So the zombies have finally arrived.  Do you have what it takes to survive the ultimate zombie apocalypse? Well we shall see.  The following methodologies are the best ways to survive in the event you happen to see any of these zombies staggering around your neighborhood.

  • Weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons, weapons.  Rifles, shotguns, handguns, plenty of ammo and mags as needed, sharp knives, battle axes and wrecking bars all will be required.
  • Train often with your weapons so you can wield them effectively against these re-animated corpses.
  • Make your home defensible; have plenty of plywood and nails for boarding up windows and reinforcing entry ways, barbed wire fencing, tanglefoot wire and steel reinforced fencing will also be effective deterrents.
  • Use common sense.  Stay hidden when needed, patrol your perimeter as needed, and work in teams whenever possible.
  • Get in shape.  Physical fitness is key to surviving a zombie apocalypse.  You must be able to walk long distances if needed and run quickly when the situation warrants regardless of age.  If you are out of shape or very overweight, diet and exercise everyday immediately.
  • Look, listen, and remain vigilant.
  • Avoid urban areas.  Suburbs and rural areas are much better.  If you live in the city move now to a nice area with plenty of wide open spaces.
  • Own the largest SUV possible, keep your gas tank and spare gas cans full, and make sure your SUV can run down hordes of the undead without stalling; by reinforcing the front and rear bumpers.

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  2. The problem with the largest SUV possible is that it DRINKS gas like an idiot haha. Fuel will be very scarce during the Zombie Apocalypse. Something to think about when choosing your vehicle.

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