Home Security; Things To Be Aware Of

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Preparedness
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Home security comes down to making your home as safe and comfortable as possible for you and your family and as difficult and discouraging as possible for thugs and other criminals to gain access.  The following are some important things to consider when it comes to home security.

  • Don’t flash expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash in public as it becomes a magnet for would be thieves to follow you home.
  • Don’t leave empty boxes for expensive items such as TV’s or computers out at your curb as it will advertise the fact that you have recently acquired a new and expensive item.
  • Keep valuables including cash, jewelry, etc., well hidden.
  • Keep all windows and doors locked; this includes garage doors.
  • Large dogs are an excellent burglar deterrant.
  • Keep thorny bushes trimmed and placed under windows to make it difficult for burglars to hide behind or to gain access through a window.
  • Use caller ID and never give strangers personal information ever.
  • Beware of dishonest workmen who use the opportunity when working on your home to scout it out for potential robbery opportunities.  Do not leave workmen unattended in your home.
  • Train and be proficient with firearms in case they are needed for self defense purposes.
  • Use door jam or door stop bars on exterior doors to prevent doors from being forced open.
  • Do not allow your mail, newspapers or circulars to pile up in your driveway or mailbox as this alerts burglars that no one is home.
  • Keep your cell phone operational, with you and fully charged.
  • Trust your instincts; if you feel as though something is wrong or that danger is lurking trust that instinct.
  • Maintain situational awareness.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Volumes of trash. Money goes in and trash goes out.
    I once placed two bags of trash at the curb for collection. During the early hours, I had to go to work, and pulling out of the driveway, noticed, one bag missing. Bad sign. Burglars use intelligence from trash, despite my home having a monitored alarm, I was concerned. I stop, get out of the car, and look around. No bag of trash. I look up the street and down the street, not in the street, not dragged or torn. I start thinking. What could be in the trash that would give intelligence. I brought a light bag out with food, some junk mail, and odds and ends. I lift the remaining bag. It is light in weight, this is the bag. Now, what was in the other bag that somebody carried off? I recalled that it was heavy. Then it came to me, the bag that somebody carted off. What could give intelligence information about us? I remembered, that bag, my wife had cleaned out the cats’ litter boxes. I thought, “Have a nice day, pal!”

  2. rmactsc says:

    Good points. You never know what someone might cart off and look through later. Makes shredders look really good 🙂

  3. Dog poo, natures way of saying “look in someone else’s trash”.

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