Why Night Vision Gear Is So Important

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Equipment
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Need I say more.  Without and with Night Vision.


  1. Not sold I’m afraid. My version of night vision needs no batteries and comes combat ready. My DOG!

      • rmactsc says:

        My dog unfortunately is in the senior stages of her life and her eyes are not what they once were.

      • Brittius says:

        Then, you, must become her eyes. Notice her eye movement. Where she looks. When she looks. You learn to bend your knees deeply to reduce the size of yourself as a target and, to view the world from a canine’s perspective. Movement. Ankles. Legs. Hands. Pathways in the bush, if you squint your eyes, become amazingly visible. Learn to operate under starlight. I’m beginning to sound like Master Po, on Kung-Fu television show, Grasshopper.

      • rmactsc says:

        Great show immortalized with the line “when you can remove the pebble from my hand grasshopper, time to leave.” For those who have never watched the show Kung Fu; it is phenomenal entertainment with lots of wisdom contained within.

  2. Brittius says:

    Maybe there have been advances in technology, because I looked through a set of night vision goggles in the mid-1990s and they had no depth perception and the peripheral vision towards the outer margin of the lenses was similar to a distortion of a wretched drunken condition.
    I too have experience with dogs, and have in fact used them at home while dealing with intruders who were armed and fled into the woods on my property. Extra large boned European Doberman trained in German language, is awesome! Dog was not that smart, but he sure was brave.
    If possible, carry a flashlight having the color lens filters. If blood is to be tracked, put on the blue filter and blood will be black gloss, against bright foliage with the filter. Red is your all-around filter to not harm your natural night vision abilities. Opaque white, is what you need to use for use under blackout conditions as minimal light travels for two miles by simply smoking a cigarette in a boat, and on land, will accurately direct sniper fire, RPGs, mortar rounds, small arms fire, so learn to use minimal light techniques. They work best during cloudy overcast nights. So I will tell you, it will be about a month, and all of your natural night vision will return, all of your natural hearing abilities will improve, as well as your sense of smell. That is another reason why I do not fear an EMP attack. Technology is gone, we all know that hospitals will get equipment and generators from someplace in the world almost immediately, and the rest of us who are basically healthy, will in fact acclimate to ambient conditions, vision at night, being only one thing.

  3. I’ve worked with old dogs with failing eyesight.
    Even with that sense impaired they literally switch everything else on with bells. Going out at night, if you know your dog they are sending out all sorts of subtle tells. An extra twitch, the head turned towards “danger”, mine has a habit of crossing my path and blocking my access if unsure about something, the head gets cocked to one side when the sound isn’t instantly identifiable. mine threw itself at me just as I was going to walk into an electrified cattle fence. IF I’m sat down I get nudged gently if something new is approaching.
    I could write whole books on the relationship between working dogs and their partners. Stuff sophisticated, pass me the dog!

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