Post Apocalypse Survival Tactics

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Preparedness
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Tactics are an important element when the SHTF.  Here are some tactics to consider as the need arises.  Move quietly, don’t travel in a straight line, avoid main roads, never go back the same way that you came, never use the same potential ambush site twice, and remember if you can see the enemy the chances are that the enemy can see you too.

Avoid predictable patterns, watch carefully for trip wires and booby traps, and do not step on twigs as the sound of a twig breaking will travel a considerable distance.  Avoid using or wearing shiny objects and stay away from locations which leave you vulnerable such as alleyways, and dimly lit parking lots, and confined areas without escape routes.

Pay attention to sounds.  Birds suddenly moving away from a location are an indicator of movement.  Know your enemy and keep your weapons within arms reach.  Your mission will dictate your weapons choices. There is no such thing as one correct weapon for all scenarios; and you must learn to become aggressive enough quickly enough.

Never submit to threats or allow an enemy to isolate you in a vehicle or abandoned building.  If you do get into a vehicle make sure the car door will open from the inside before closing that door, as some unscrupulous folks will disable the inside door handles to prevent them from working.  Never allow yourself to become incapacitated especially if bindings are produced such as rope, cord, duct tape, zip ties, wire or handcuffs.

Minimize your risk profile as most attacks are crimes of opportunity.  Pay attention to your gut instincts; if something feels wrong it probably is wrong.  Above all do everything you can to stay safe, healthy, and remain alive.

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  2. Dana says:

    Great tactics. Especially like the bird and the door handle ones. Easy things to incorporate to stay safe and alive.

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