Defending The Place You Call Your Home

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Preparedness
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It’s your home and that means you have a responsibility to protect your home and your family from criminals, thugs, and looters who would do you harm.  Basic home defense precautions such as a large dog, locking your doors, windows, garages, etc., deadbolt locks, and door jam bars are essential precautionary measures but once a criminal is inside you will still need additional defensive capabilities.

Firearms are simply the best, modern home defense weapon for those who are properly trained and experienced in their use.  Your home defense weapon or weapons must be effective, reliable, rugged, and capable of stopping a threat when your life or the lives of your family are in imminent danger. 

You also need to factor in overpenetration which means you will need to be aware of what is beyond your target since sheetrock walls won’t stop bullets.  You do not want to injure family members around or behind a criminal when your life or your families lives are in danger.

Some firearms considerations are as follows.  12 Gauge pump action shotguns as they have the most effective stopping power at close range and depending on the model can hold between 5 to 8 shells in the tube.  Semi Automatic handguns due to their small size, concealability, and convenient accessibility; and depending on the model they can generally hold between 8 to 17 rounds in the magazine. 

Generally I do not recommend rifles for inside home defense, unless your dwelling is being attacked by a lot of individuals intent on doing you harm, as the potential for over penetration and the distances most calibers travel is just too risky inside typical dwellings.  Rifles however make perfect sense when a large scale attack on your home is imminent.  Even when using shotguns or semi automatic handguns you still need to be acutely aware of any over penetration situations which might result. 

Whatever firearms you decide to use as your primary home defense weapons make sure you train with them often and become thoroughly familiar with their workings.  Your home defense firearms must be 100% reliable as your life and your families lives may one day depend on them.

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