When carrying concealed I find it is important to dress around the gun you plan on carrying.  Concealed means concealed so you need to balance keeping the weapon concealed with having it accessible if and when it might be needed.

During the months when the weather is cool and I wear heavier clothing such as long sweatshirts and jackets; I find it is very easy for me to carry a full size 45 semi automatic handgun or a full size 357 magnum revolver. When the weather turns warm I downsize to a compact 9mm.  That’s what works for me; you may find other options work better for you.

I can’t help but stress that a good quality holster and belt is essential.  I prefer leather but there are many fine kydex and nylon holster options available as well.  Put as much thought into your holster, belt and carry methods as you do into your firearm.  And above all stay safe.

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