8 Laws I Would Pass If I Was The President

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Politics
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Because the laws I would pass if I were the President of the United States make so much more sense then those already on the books; it’s safe to say in today’s political climate no politician will even consider them.  But if I were the President here are  8 laws I would pass.

  • All illegal immigrants would be ineligible for any government benefits and would be deported immediately.
  • Border security would be enhanced and enforced immediately.
  • Any law abiding citizen may own any type of semi automatic, lever action, pump action or bolt action rifle or shotgun and any type of semi automatic pistol or revolver without any restrictions as to magazine capacity or rounds capacity.
  • Flat tax of 3% for state and federal income taxes would be utilized regardless of income.  No taxes of any other type and or percentage can be implemented for any reason.
  • Any government offical who violates any constitutional amendment in action or in proposed legislation would be subject to criminal prosecution. Same applies to any officials engaged in malicious prosecutions.
  • Foreign aid to countries who are anti-american would be suspended permanently.
  • All restraint on our armed forces would be removed when they are operating in a state of war against a foreign country.
  • Welfare would only be offered to individuals based on stringent needs and circumstances requirements, once in their lifetime, not to exceed 12 months.

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  1. merlinjr01 says:

    In principle, I agree with all of your proposed laws. The ones I would like to see enacted first are (1) prosecution of violation of constitutional or amendment law–but I contend we have to revise the role and definition of the Supreme Court, otherwise, constitutional law changes with political tides.

    And (2) I agree with a flat tax rate, although, realistically, I suspect it would have to be a bit higher. But again, we have to find a way to restrain Government spending (much of which you have covered), but we have to reduce National Debt, then maybe your 3% would work.


    • rmactsc says:

      I’d be happy if politicians would get back to following Constitutional principles instead of trying to circumvent them at every opportunity.

  2. Elle Hunt says:

    I love these, and oddly, support them all! It’s a shame though, people like us are rarely voted into a public role. The public, at large, often want greater government support and don’t appreciate personal accountability.

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks Elle. I find it amazing how many people seem to require lifetime government assistance these days without feeling any sense of shame about it.

  3. I’ll vote for you! So will my hubby! And I know there are millions more out there that would agree with me! 😀

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