Gun Control; No

Posted: April 29, 2014 in 2nd Amendment
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Most of you know that I am against gun control and the ridiculous measures legislatures continually try and pass.  Here are some of the major reasons why gun control is wrong.

  • Guns are used by law abiding American citizens in self defense approximately 2.5 million times per year or about 6,850 times per day.  That equates to a lot more innocent citizens surviving and a lot more scumbag criminals being stopped.
  • Concealed carry laws have reduced the murder and crime rate in all states where concealed carry laws have been passed.
  • The 2nd Amendment protects the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms.  The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
  • Washington D.C. has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and is frequently the leader in murder rates.  While the murder rate in concealed carry states has decreased an average of between 36% and 49% Washington D.C.’s murder rate has increased 46%.  Generally similar increases in crime also occur in New York City and Chicago which have very strict gun control laws as well.
  • More people die every year from motor vehicle accidents or sports related injuries then from accidental gun discharges yet you never see anyone trying to ban motor vehicles or sports.
  • Gun control laws only disarm law abiding citizens.  Thugs and criminals won’t obey these laws as they are deviants to begin with.
  • Given a choice criminals prefer unarmed victims 100% of the time.
  • Self defense is an individual responsibility which cannot be delegated to someone else.  Firearms with proper training are the most effective form of self defense.
  • If you don’t want to own a gun then don’t own one; but don’t try and restrict my rights to do so.  I suppose you’ll only understand this when someone tries to ban something that you own.  I am a law abiding citizen who owns firearms and does so responsibly.
  • Criminals prefer unarmed victims and gun control is therefore a criminals dream. How about we actually punish criminals instead of going after law abiding citizen’s who are gun owners.  I suspect that would be a much better way to get things done.

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  1. mommyx4boys says:

    I agree completely, if they would stop with the little slaps on the wrist and give serious prison time, there would be a lot less crime in general.

  2. Reblogged this on Defending My American Family and commented:
    Great Article Against Gun Control Measures

  3. BattleBlue1 says:

    “Gun control laws only disarm law abiding citizens. Thugs and criminals won’t obey these laws as they are deviants to begin with.”

    This is the best reason against gun control that I know of.

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