Post Apocalypse Wounds

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Preparedness
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In a post apocalyptic world one of your biggest enemies will be dealing with wounds that you might sustain as part of your day to day survival.  Medical facilities and healthcare of even the most basic kind might be non-existant; so the time to stock up on first aid supplies and know how is now, before the apocalypse gets here.

Think about the potential types of wounds and injuries you might need to deal with and prepare for them accordingly.  Consider repurposing items you already have for first aid use; as long as they are clean and can be sterilized.  

One particular wound, some may have to deal with, is a gun shot where the bullet is lodged inside an arm or a leg perhaps.  Do you have the supplies and the ability to deal with that situation if no medical care is available?  Give some thought to how you would extract the bullet and stop the loss of blood.  For me; a sterilized set of needle-nose pliers should do the trick for extracting a bullet lodged in an extremity, in an emergency post apocalyptic situation.  So prepare in advance and stay safe out there; and you will certainly live to survive another post apocalyptic day.

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  1. Except some government weenie is buying millions of fragmenting bullets.
    Without x-ray equipment, a center mass hit with one of them, including shotgun loads, field medicine gets all but impossible.
    Survival equipment is ending up all about owning a bloody good bullet proof vest and a Kevlar battle bowler. (And probably saving the last round for yourself.)

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