In a disaster scenario; if you can’t find the survival items you are looking for, it means you are unable to utilize whatever it is that you need at that moment to increase your survival chances.  The solution is simple; make sure your gear is organized so that you know where each and every piece of survival gear is, and that you know how to use each and every piece of survival gear that you have.

This means your bug out bags need to be organized, your weapons bags, your food and water storage, your first aid kits, etc., everything needs to be neat and logically set up so it is user friendly.  Remember you might be trying to find and use gear in less than ideal situations.  There might be stress, hostile forces nearby, or you may be operating at night.  All things considered having everything where you can find it saves, time, energy, and frustration.

So take the time to go through your gear and make sure it is set up in a manner that is functional for your survival needs.  Experiment and come up with the best ways to organize your gear and survival supplies; and then memorize where everything is stored.  Going through your gear on a weekly basis is a good way to familiarize yourself with what you actually have, and where it is actually stored in your various survival bags.

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  1. Love this! Great idea. I’ve got mine ready, minus fresh water. I’d better get that packed away too . . . Thanks again for sharing! If you’re into zombies and the apocalypse, check out my blog: Cheers!

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