Accurate Shooting With A High Mounted Scope

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Weapons
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Some of us; myself included enjoy target shooting with AR’s with the scope mounted above the carry handle.  This allows transition between the iron sights below and the scope mounted above.  The problem is the scope generally sits about 4 inches above the barrel which can, at times, make the elevation settings on the scope run out before the scope is on target.  My fix for this is as follows.

1 – To protect the scope where the rings will clamp down, wrap that portion of the scope in black, cloth hockey tape.

2 – Shim the back scope ring by folding up a small, thin piece of aluminum foil and securing it inside the back scope ring with electrical tape.

3 – Place the scope inside the rings and using allen wrench screws that are one size wider and longer than the existing scope ring screws, fasten them down in a criss cross pattern making sure the crosshairs of the scope remain properly aligned.

4 – Use a quick adjust cheek rest attachment on your stock which folded down allows the iron sights to be used and snapped up allows good cheek weld on the high mounted scope during transition.

Your scope is now mounted and the cloth around the scope allows the rings to bite down on it without movement.  The oversize screws when tightened reformat the original scope ring holes and allow for a firmer grip without having to use loctite, and the shim allows for a slight downward slant to the scope which will now give you enough elevation adjustment to hit the target center without running out of elevation adjustment options.

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