If Martial Law is ever declared there are some important elements you need to consider to assist with your survival plans.  Martial Law scenarios involve suspension of Constitutional rights, firearms confiscation, forced relocation, rationing of goods, curfews, summary arrests, etc.  The following may help you survive this nightmarish ordeal.

  • Never take the governments word about anything unless it is a threat against you.
  • Keep quiet about anything which could cause you trouble.
  • Your survival is much more important than obeying any dictates. 
  • Avoid any areas where civilians are being rounded up, detained, or arrested.
  • Keep a low profile.
  • Maintain a high level of situational awareness.
  • Be very wary and cautious of whom you trust.
  • Establish reliable communications chains to determine which news is truthful and relevant, and which is untruthful and irrelevant.
  • Your family’s safety and security comes first always.

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