In any disaster or survival scenario; being mentally prepared will be of paramount importance.  There is a great deal in life that a person can prepare for if they have the skills, knowledge, fortitude, gear, willpower, and the right attitude; and can utilize all of these things when they are needed.

A properly prepared mind is your greatest asset when it comes to dealing with natural and man-made disasters.  Being able to think your course of action through; without making rash or hasty decisions, will keep you from stumbling into situations which will increase your chances of encountering unintended dangerous consequences.

Having a prepared mind allows one to live with confidence and not in fear.  Being prepared also provides peace of mind which is absolutely essential to a persons overall quality of life.  Remember that bad times can bring out the worst in some people so it is important to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if a short or long term disaster occurs.  Positive thinking leads to positive results. Negative thinking leads to negative results.  It’s your choice; so think positive and be prepared.

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