Suggested Items to Keep in your Vehicle Just in Case

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Equipment
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The following are a suggested list of items to keep in your vehicle just in case.

Portable Cooler filled with Water Bottles


Bolt Cutters

Pry Bar



Metal Pipe

Wrench for tow ball


Tow Rope

Climbing Rope

Jumper Cables

Outdoor Extension Cord with Adapter


Spare Gas Container with Pour Spout


Flashlight full size

Spare D Batteries

First Aid Kit

Fire Extinguisher


Fix a Flat

Tire Plugs with Tool

Antifreeze Pre Mixed

Motor-Oil 5W-30

Mechanics Tool Kit

Tape Measure

Duct Tape

550 Para-cord

Oil Filter Wrench

Extra Fuses

Spare Brake Light/Rear Light Bulbs

Zip Ties

Toilet Paper

Hand Sanitizer

Sleeping Bag

Portable Pillows

Spare Clothes

Work Gloves


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  1. Brittius says:

    ?Hand sanitizer?

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