Sandy Hook Shooting; Real Event or False Flag

Posted: July 14, 2014 in Conspiracy
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Was the Sandy Hook school shooting shooting real or a staged false flag event.  There is evidence to support both sides. What do you think really happened and why?




  1. merlinjr01 says:

    Trying to understand. Is someone saying that the bodies, the funerals, the grave markers, and the closing of the school at Sandy Hook are all part of some macabre hoax? While I certainly don’t trust elements in the government, and often don’t trust the media, I cannot accept this as a hoax.

    I don’t believe it.

    If someone wants to write a convoluted conspiracy novel(?) about how someone one in “high places” recruited 20-year old Adam Lanza to go in and shoot up the school as some sort of anti-gun statement, then that might be credible story.

    I might believe it with verifiable evidence. Conjecture does not count as evidence.

    What evidence is there that it “really did not happen”?

    Just my thoughts.

    • rmactsc says:

      What has some people thinking about it were the following 8 things.
      1 – Adam Lanza’s death certificate is dated one day before the actual shootings.
      2 – Two Sandy Hook victim’s charities were created 2 days before the shooting.
      3 – No parents have sued over the deaths of their children. Once the initial shock has worn off, law suits are always filed but in this case there are no law suits filed or pending.
      4 – Crisis actors were shown in Sandy Hook footage, Sometimes the same ones who can be seen in the Colorado movie theater shooting videos. There are web sites where crisis actors for disaster scenarios can register for “deployment to disasters.”
      5 – Too many videos showing the parents of the children smiling and laughing not long after the event.
      6 – CT assembly refused to release documents pertaining to the shootings under the freedom of information act when certain media outlets and others requested.
      7 – Land transfers to certain individuals involved in Sandy Hook were dated 12/25 (nothing is open on Christmas) so how could those land transfers occur on that day and were they being used as “payoffs.”
      8 – Medical examiner said the rounds came from an AR-15 however the AR-15 was found in the locked trunk of a car, not with the body of the shooter.

  2. merlinjr01 says:

    I thought most of those arguments had been debunked through a variety of sources, and summarized on Snope’s “Sandy Hook Exposed” page. (Snopes is not the final authority on many things, but a good place from which to launch an investigation.)

    I suppose the statements that counter the hoax claims could be considered “cover ups” in their own right, but I tend to accept the official findings. For example, I know personally, that web site dates can be in error and make a page appear to have been posted earlier than it actually was–it is not hard.

    Also, (although I suppose some could call it a fabrication) I find the statement that the AR-15 was not actually locked in the trunk of the car credible. This was from an early, and probably imperfect report. I wasn’t there, so could not testify one way or the other.

    Still, there is enough speculative material that this can be debated for many years.

    • rmactsc says:

      I’m not taking a position one way or the other currently, hence the reason for the question. I can see both sides of the issue which makes me wonder what other bloggers are thinking regarding this. There are reasons to think it might be legitimate and there are offsetting reasons to think it might be false flag.

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