Profiling Can Save Your Life

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Preparedness
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Forget all that liberal/progressive nonsense that profiling is wrong. Profiling can save your life and should be used as an effective situational awareness tool. Profiling is not a bad thing; in fact it is ingrained into the human species as part of our instinctive genetic makeup.  

If you doubt this let’s consider the following example.  You are going to visit a friend in an apartment building late at night.  While waiting in the lobby you push the button for the two elevators that are there; and they both come down at the same time.  When the doors open; in one elevator are six old ladies, none of whom get off the elevator, who are smiling and well mannered.  In the second elevator are six men dressed in gang colors who also do not get off the elevator, and they are covered with tatoos and look really pissed at the world.  Which elevator are you going to get into?

The answer is obvious; you are going to get into the elevator with the old ladies.  Congratulations; profiling has just potentially saved you from being raped, robbed,  assaulted,  beaten, or killed. Political correctness is pure nonsense and anyone who believes in the notion of political correctness is free to get on the other elevator with the gang members and take their chances.

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