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A home defense bag is a gear bag where everything you need to defend yourself and your family is kept in one convenient location.  I have mine set up; and each night before bed I place it in the bedroom just in case it’s needed.  The bag shown below is the one I currently use made by a company called 511. I tend to try different ones at times but I keep coming back to the original one shown below.  It can carry a lot of gear such as spare handgun mags, spare ammo, first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, shotgun shells, fixed blade knife, etc. etc.  If you need everything in one place to protect yourself if your home is burglarized; the home defense bag is a necessary item to have.

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Whenever I take my handguns to the range for practice, my range bag comes along as an essential piece of shooting gear.  Its purpose; to keep all my gear safely stored and together in one convenient, organized gear bag.  I’ve used a lot of range bags over the years but the one I find works best for my needs is the 511 Tactical Patrol Ready Bag.  It has convenient storage pockets for almost anything you need to bring with you and is sized properly to store whatever you need to ensure a proper and enjoyable range session.