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Whenever you are faced with a survival situation or any situation for that matter; it is important not to bog yourself down with negative thoughts and doubts.  Here are some key principles to remember.

  • Whenever possible surround yourself with positive, like minded people.
  • There are always selfish individuals who might resent you or what you’ve accomplished; don’t let their negativity or spiteful commentary get to you.  Brush it off without a second thought.  Consider them to be worthless debris and move on.
  • Positive thinking leads to positive results.  Negative thinking leads to negative results.
  • Believe in yourself and your abilities.
  • If something doesn’t go your way; focus your energy and try again.
  • You can’t please everyone so stop trying.  If you are happy with your life or what you’ve attempted and achieved then you are on the right track.
  • Positive thinking, confidence, self control and good self esteem will take you far in life.
  • Ignore those who say it can’t be done.  If it’s important to you then go out and do it.

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Everyone needs to draw a line in the sand for what they will and will not tolerate.  Here is my list of things I will not tolerate.

  • Anyone who tells me my political beliefs are wrong.  I am proud to be a Conservative Republican and truly believe that Conservative ideals are the way to go.
  • Anyone who tries to take away my second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.  I am a proud gun owner who trains and practices on a regular basis and who takes pride in my target shooting skills.
  • Anyone who does not prepare for disasters and then expects others to drop everything to help them when they could have helped themselves.
  • Anyone with a welfare/entitlement mentality.  While I understand everyone goes through hard times at certain points in their lives; it is up to the individual to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and go on to achieve something worthwhile.
  • Anyone who is a racist.  There is no room for racism and no excuse for anyone who engages in racist tirades or racist hatred.  Hating others because of their race, creed, religion or origin is simply wrong thinking.
  • Anyone without morals or values.  It is not hard to do the right thing so make sure when the situation presents itself that you choose to do the right thing.
  • Anyone engaging in violent crime.  You are the scum of the earth and you can expect to receive a just punishment.  Karma has a way of balancing the scales.

I’m going to diverge from my usual survival and preparedness related posts, Conservative political opinions and weapons related items just this once so I can mention some important things I feel everyone should strive to achieve in life.  I’ve told this over and over to my children and I’d like to pass it along to you.

  1. Attend college and graduate with an employable degree.  It is never too late to go to school.
  2. Enjoy what you do for work.  If you don’t then find another line of work. 
  3. Be proud of your country and proud to be an American.
  4. Find someone who makes you happy and when you do stick with that person.
  5. It’s better to have money and be happy then to not have money and be happy or unhappy.
  6. Life is too short to be miserable.
  7. If you don’t like something about your lifestyle or your personality, etc., then work on changing it.
  8. Have a hobby you enjoy doing and do it.
  9. Learn the art of relaxation.
  10. Agree with everything I say; oh alright, agree with everything I say most of the time 🙂