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The movie remake Dawn of The Dead revolves around a nurse who wakes up one day to discover that her whole world is now a nightmare.  Her husband and neighbors are now zombies and they are trying to kill her and every other normal human being they can find.  During her escape from her neighborhood, she joins up with other survivors and together they try to create a safe haven inside an enclosed shopping mall where they must not only survive the zombies; but must also survive themselves.

As zombies can only survive by feasting on the living, the film successfully demonstrates what people will do, in a fictional sense, when pushed to their limits of survival endurance.  This film is a must see for those who enjoy zombies and survival.

The movie The Book of Eli is about a man, heading west, on a highway littered with death in post apocalyptic America.  He is on a mission, unsure of why he was chosen for this mission but knowing that at all costs he must complete it.  He is carrying a book that could revive society or in the wrong hands, further destroy it.  Cannabilistic thugs ambush weary travelers, water and batteries become increasingly hard to find, conflicts are around every corner as a power hungry warlord seeks to control everything and human life is cheapened at every turn.

The movie is well done and will keep you guessing right up until the end, as one of the key mysteries of the movie is kept cleverly hidden.  As post apocalyptic movies go this one is right up there with some of the best.

The movie Carriers revolves around 4 young people who are trying to stay ahead of a pandemic which has ended civilization as they know it.  Determined to survive the group drives across the Southwestern United States to reach an oceanfront beach which may provide them with possible safety.  Over a 4 day period the group must avoid the pandemic, other survivors and their worst enemy; the darkness within themselves. 

As Post Apocalyptic survival movies go this one is extremely entertaining and is worth watching again and again.  This is not a zombie movie but instead a movie which revolves around the following rules; Avoid the infected, disinfect anything you’re going to touch, consider the infected as already dead since there is no cure and if you fall ill you will be left behind.