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When it comes to survival tactics; many people seem to have preferred methods that they feel will work for them.  Here are the ones I consider will work for me.

  • The more you know about survival and survival tactics; the better your chances for survival will be.
  •  Knowledge and its proper application will reduce fear.  Remember fear and panic are  your biggest enemies in survival situations.
  • Be well versed in using a variety of weapons types.  Make sure you are familiar with how to operate weapons which are commonly used and even those which are not quite so common.
  • Your weapons must be available for instant use in a self defense and or family defense capacity.
  • Have sufficient ammunition available to defend yourself and your family from whatever survival situation you are presented with.  A weapon without ammunition and vice versa is useless if it needes to be engaged to save lives.
  • Training, the right attitude, and the proper mindset are valuable skills to acquire.
  • Wear good quality boots.  Keep your feet healthy.  If you can’t walk or can’t move because of sore or damaged feet your chances for survival have just gone down dramatically.
  • Life isn’t fair.  Don’t let that discourage you.  Use the talents and skills you do have to assist you with your survival endeavours.
  • Blend into your surroundings.
  • Trust must be earned; not freely given.  Be careful who you trust.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear.  Verify first.

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