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Writers, what are you working on these days?  Here’s your chance to share what your past, present and future writing projects are.  Don’t be shy; let us know what you’ve been up to.  I’m always interested in giving other writers a chance to share their projects with people who follow my blog.

As for myself I have five fiction books in the post apocalyptic survival genre published; and available at  Titles are and you will see a pattern here 🙂

  • American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 2 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 3 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 4 of the Revolution
  • American Rebellion Book 5 of the Revolution

My current writing project is a new series, not yet titled, which will deal with zombies.  I’ll be alternating between writing my new zombie series and then going back to continue on with the post apocalyptic American Rebellion series.  Okay writers; what are you working on?


Good morning.  For those of you who have read my books; please feel free to leave a review at  Also for those of you who enjoy writing; a word of advice this morning.  Please do not let negative reviews bring you down.  You will get a few from time to time so read them; pay attention to what points are valid and ignore those that have no value other than to be insulting.  I look forward to reading your reviews; hopefully positive ones over at  


Now’s your chance to speak up.  If you have read my book American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution or the recently reformatted American Rebellion Book 2 of the Revolution let me know what you liked or didn’t like about it.  I see a fairly large quantity of my e-books have been sold, as I get a sales report from Amazon, but with no reviews at Amazon I have no idea if folks are enjoying them or not.  So anyone have any feedback on the story line or writing?  Thanks for your input 🙂

Good morning.  My two post apocalyptic fiction books, available at and also by clicking on the book cover images to the left of this blog post will hopefully be books that you will find enjoyable to read as the nights grow longer and the days grow shorter.

My book titles are American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution and American Rebellion Book 2 of the Revolution.  Book 3 of the series is currently in process.

So why should you purchase these books for the low price of just $2.99 each.  Here’s why.  When I become that famous celebrity; you can say I bought his books before he became a star…………….and that would be in relation to becoming a celebrity for writing books; not because I might veer off the road and drive down a sidewalk one day taking out an entire section of historic buildings lol 🙂

So make your purchases now……..and tell your friends.  As always I appreciate it 🙂  Feel free to leave a review of the book at the Amazon website if the mood to do so strikes you 🙂  

For those of you who have published books available, if you let me know the title and provide a link where it can be ordered from, plus send me an image of the book cover with a book description I will be happy to post it with your link on the page of this blog entitled Books Written by other Bloggers.

I only ask that if you are going to take advantage of the free advertising you will get here that you at least be a subscriber to this blog……… subscribers or old subscribers, all may take advantage of this opportunity.  You may send this info to me at and please, only 1 book listing per person 🙂

I won’t even make you buy my book American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution available at…………sorry I couldn’t resist the shameless book plug opportunity 🙂  Of course if you want to buy it I certainly won’t try and stop you 🙂