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Do not buy a survival retreat as a secondary bug out location even if it is deep in the woods and off the beaten path unless you or someone in your family is going to live there year round.  Here’s why!  Let’s say you’ve got a nice retreat location 60 or 90 or 120 miles away from your primary residence, in a location you think is hidden from sight and you’ve stocked it with supplies such as food, water, guns, ammo, etc.  If you are not living there year round, here is what’s likely going to happen.

If the SHTF, others who are roaming around looking for a place to hunker down and survive are going to find your uninhabited retreat and make themselves right at home.  When you show up waving your deed showing you own the place are they going to care?  Heck no.  You will likely be chased off or worse yet; shot and killed and your stashed survival supplies will be used by these new occupants.

Unless you are going to live year round at your retreat so you can use it for yourself and your families survival and be there to defend it; it is a better decision to fortify and protect your existing home. Hopefully that home is already in a rural area or the suburbs as remaining in the city if the SHTF is only asking for trouble.