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The following are some often overlooked survival tips.

  • The code for SOS by flashlight is 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, 3 short flashes, pause then repeat.
  • If you are storing both gasoline and diesel fuel, always store gasoline in red containers and diesel fuel in yellow containers. 
  • Never use diesel fuel in a gasoline engine and never use gasoline in a diesel fuel engine.
  • An emergency electric siphon pump can be made for about $20.00 with components available at most hardware stores. 
  • The pages of a phone book can be used as a substitute for toilet paper when needed.
  • Most canned foods are edible past their expiration dates although their nutritional and taste value may diminish.
  • A gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds so factor that in when deciding how much water to carry.
  • During a winter power outage, if your generator is not available, perishable foods can be temporarily stored in snowbanks.
  • In a hostile situation there is a difference between guarding the gate and going out in search of the dragon.

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Every disaster brings its own set of unique circumstances to the forefront.  When the situation warrants, if you have the choice of bugging in or bugging out bugging in will be the better option.  Why you ask;  let me elaborate.  By bugging in you have the following advantages.

  • You will be in familiar surroundings.
  • Food and water in your refrigerator and or pantry can supplement your survival stash.
  • You’ll have additional time to improve your homes defenses.
  • Your home will offer shelter against the elements.
  • You’ll have access to clothing, blankets and other survival gear.
  • You’ll have access to weapons and ammunition.
  • You can better protect your home from looters.

The better prepared you are, the better prepared you will be to deal with your survival situation.  Trust your instincts and stay alert.