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Here are ten ways to know for sure you’re a prepper.

  1. Buying 100 cans of food at once is a normal shopping experience for you.
  2. Stacked water bottles in your basement take up an entire wall and almost look artistic.
  3. No matter how many guns and how much ammo you have you are always on the lookout for more.
  4. Re-purposing items for things other than their original intended use is a way of life.
  5. You know that duct tape really can fix everything.
  6. Everywhere you go situational awareness is first and foremost on your mind.
  7. You love your country even if you disagree with some of its policies.
  8. Political correctness will never be practiced in your home.
  9. You stand up for your rights and your beliefs with pride and honor.
  10. Your bug out bags are proudly displayed as part of your home furnishings.