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By request I was asked by a reader to re-address this topic.  In order to avoid being carjacked, it is worthwhile to understand the methods that carjackers use.

  • Carjackers will bump your vehicle from behind and when you get out to exchange insurance information or inspect the damage they will steal your vehicle.
  • Carjackers will stage an accident with fake injuries and when you stop and get out to assist, your vehicle will be stolen.
  • Carjackers will follow you to your home or office and when you park they will pull up behind you so you can’t escape then steal your car and leave with both vehicles.
  • Carjackers will flash lights to get your attention then when you pull over your vehicle will be taken.
  • Carjackers will pose as police officers and when you pull over they will then take your vehicle.

So how can you prepare yourself.  Try the following.  Stay away from dangerous areas. Be situationally aware of your surroundings, if something feels wrong then get out of there.  Keep your doors locked and your windows rolled up.  Maintain sufficient distance between vehicles so that you have an avenue of escape if a carjacking starts.  If you cannot see the rear tires of the vehicle in front of you then you are too close to that vehicle.  Your vehicle is thousands of pounds of raw power, use it effectively.  Make sure to keep a fully charged cellphone number handy with your emergency phone numbers pre-stored.

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