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As many of you have no doubt experienced; ammo in many places is in short supply these days.  The following are the reasons why.

  • 2 billion rounds have been purchased by the government; in many instances by departments that one would not normally expect to be stockpiling ammunition.
  • Panic buying is happening by law abiding consumers; as they try and get ammo before it is either banned, restricted or subject to high taxation.
  • Demand is currently outpacing supply; which is why as soon as certain calibers of ammo hit the store shelves they are sold out almost immediately.

This is an important lesson in why ammo; like other commodities should be stocked up on using a preparedness philosophy.  If you stock up on any necessary commodity when times are good and supplies are plentiful; you won’t be scrounging and scrambling when times are not so good and supplies are scarce.  Good luck and stock up wisely and safely 🙂

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