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Preperation is so important to your chances of surviving a disaster that I wanted to share the following key points with my readers.

  • Wherever you currently reside, if you look around; you most likely already have the essential elements for survival; food, water and shelter.  Review what you currently have and stock up on more of these items and anything else you will need to get you through your anticipated disaster scenario.
  • Disaster scenarios can be temporary such as hurricanes or floods, long term such as social unrest or political upheaval or permanent such as a nuclear disaster.  Be prepared for all types.
  • The danger increases and your survival chances decrease if you are unprepared for a situation.
  • Prepare for the disaster scenarios that are most likely to occur in your given area.
  • Ameneties we are used to having may not be available if disaster strikes; so plan accordingly.
  • Whenver possible and safe to do so it is better to shelter in place, in your home then to leave. 
  • Never become a refugee as that opens you up to a myrad of potentially new dangerous situations.
  • Proper mindset and decision making skills are essential as is situational awareness.

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