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If you are anything like me you probably have tons of survival how to books in your library collection at home.  While these are great and informative resources; if you need to bug out you’re not going to be able to take them all with you.  Or if you shelter in place at home you may not have time, during a disaster, to search through these books looking for the how to information you need.  

The solution; keep a small, handwritten survival journal in your bug out bag.  Mine is a lined journal with a durable cover where I have listed all of the how to’s I might need in an emergency.  No commentary, no dribble; just all of the step by step how to information with a reference table of contents set up.  

If I can’t remember how many unscented bleach drops to add with an eyedropper to purify a certain amount of water, or how to start an emergency fire without matches, lighters or a firesteel; all of that step by step information is in there for quick reference along with lots of other survival how to information I might need.  

If you want to know how to do something; write it down and keep it in your survival journal.  Mine is set up with how to topics on water purification, food storage, fire starting methods, treating dehydration, hypothermia, hurricane preparedness, security and defense, etc.  If you haven’t set up your survival journal take the time to do so.  The information you keep close at hand may just end up saving your life someday.

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Disasters can generally be broken down into four major affected area categories.  These are local, regional, national, and global.  Below are some examples with scenario based timeframes ranging from least severe to most severe. 

  • Local – Duration of less than 5 days and is limited to a local area.  There would be limited disruptions to food, water, fuel and power but the government and the economy remains intact.
  • Regional – Duration of 14 days affecting an entire region.   There would be limited disruptions to food, water, fuel, power, but the government and the economy remains intact.  There would be moderate increases in crime and looting.
  • National – Duration of 60 days and affects the entire country.  There would be no food or water available for sale and fuel and power would also not be available.  There would be limited disruptions to government and the economy and violent crime and looting would escalate dramatically.
  • Global – Duration of greater than 60 days and affects the entire world.  There would be no food or water available for sale and fuel and power would also not be available. Governments and financial institutions would collapse and violent crime and looting would be rampant and increase to unprecedented levels.  

Are you prepared with adequate supplies and skills to survive and defend yourself should one of these affected area scenarios occur?  If not ask yourself why not?  If so then you are well on your way to being prepared to handle a number of different survival scenarios.

You can see all 5 of my post apocalyptic fiction books, 2 of my zombie fiction books and 1 of my horror fiction books on the left side of my blog page.  Go ahead; take a chance and purchase one or more over at  They are really quite interesting to read if I do say so myself and they also make excellent gifts 🙂


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Political correctness; the mere questioning of it drives some people, at social gatherings, to flee the room as quickly as possible.  Political correctness…… is just so wrong in so many ways.  Look, if you have something to say just say it, don’t sugar coat it because someones feelings might get a little ruffled.  We need to stop pandering to those who can’t bear to hear the truth.

It’s ridiculous to think we need to protect everyone’s sensitive ears from every little word that is uttered.  If you’re offended by free speech then you need to grow a backbone and toughen up.  I for one will say what I want to say and if you don’t like it then don’t listen.  I hope others will do the same.  We are turning into a nation of wimps who have no character.  Speak your mind and let the chips fall where they may.

A criminal is a criminal, they are not behaviorally challenged.  Failure is failure, it is not deferred success.  An illegal alien is an illegal alien, they are not undocumented workers.  Insane people are insane, they are not selectively perceptive.  A junkie is a junkie, they are not a substance abuse victim.  A bum is a bum, they are not a displaced homeowner.

As for me political correctness is nothing more than a failed attempt to eliminate stigma from certain social and political scenarios.  Maybe if more social stigma was applied instead of less, than people would stop behaving in anti social, immoral ways.  Remember personal responsibility is personal responsibility regardless of what the politically correct crowd would have you think.

When it comes to being prepared, the following are some essentials you should not overlook.

  • Keep your vehicles gas tanks full.  When your gauge shows 3/4 full make sure you fill up again at that point.  A full tank of gas has essential uses.  Never let your gas tank run down; keep it topped off.
  • Keep at least 10, 5 gallon gas containers full, in a cool dry garage location and use Stabil to increase their storage life.  Date the cans so you know when the gas needs to be used by.
  • Have a 10,000 watt backup generator available and have an electrician wire it so it is ready to run your house if the power is out.  Have a secure, security chain applied and locked to a secure exterior portion of your home to keep it from being stolen.
  • Keep a 3 months supply of food and water stored for each member of your family.  Don’t forget about your pets.
  • Keep a 3 months supply of all common battery sizes available.
  • Have your well maintained firearms available with a sufficient quantity of ammunition for self defense purposes.
  • Keep pre-cut plywood available for boarding up windows if needed.
  • Have a charcoal grill with a sufficient supply of charcoal for emergency outdoor cooking.
  • Firewood properly stored is another essential item along with a sufficient quantity of dry matches.
  • Make sure your garage doors have backup locks and that all your window and door locks are fully functional.
  • Brace your front and back doors with rigid, vertical suspension bars.
  • Keep your communications gear/cell phones/radios and flashlights fully charged.
  • Keep at least $100.00 in singles and $50.00 in coins readily available.

When disaster strikes, it is essential that you have a safe and secure shelter.  Your home if undamaged is usually your best source of shelter but the key element is to have or find a place to keep, warm, dry and safe.  Your body when wet makes you susceptible to lower body temperatures and lower body temperatures can lead to hypothermia which in essence kills your cells and tissues and can eventually lead to death.

Two of the leading causes of hypothermia are improper shelter and improper clothing for the environment you may find yourself in.  Factors which are also contributors to hypothermia are the actual temperature, wind speed and being wet in a cold environment.  Eating as we all know is a good thing and will increase your metabolism, which also causes your body temperature to increase so avoid being hungry.  Keep, warm, keep dry and stay safe.

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Book Description

Publication Date: October 10, 2012
Imagine for a moment that the U.S. Constitution has been suspended. That the rights, freedoms and protections you were guaranteed have been rescinded and that the federal government has regressed into a brutal dictatorship. For Michael Kent and the members of Force 121 they must fight against government tyranny in order to restore the Constitution while forming a new Free United States where the rule of law once again will reign supreme. But along the way there are battles to be fought, alliances to be made and traitors to be dealt with. This is book 1 in the American Rebellion series.

What is a lightning storm?  A lightning storm is the generation of powerful electricity which occurs during a storm and is a leading cause of accidental deaths caused by nature.  Bering struck by lightning can result in instant death,  The following are some recommended actions to take if there is a lightning storm approaching or occurring.

  • Get inside immediately.  A home, car, office building, etc., are all good places to wait out the storm.
  • Stay away from electrical equipment, wires, telephones, things that contain metal or can carry an electrical current.
  • Do not stand under trees.
  • Stay away from water and power lines.
  • If you are outside and away from your car or building stay in a low area such as a depression in the ground or in a cave.
  • If your hair stand up on end a lightning strike is getting ready to occur.  Kneel on the ground, do not lie down on the ground and place your hands on your knees.

You can determine how far away lightning is from your location by counting how many seconds go by between the time you see the lightning flash and the time you hear the thunder which follows.  Then divide the number of seconds by 5.  The answer will approximate how many mile away the lightning is.

Home security is something that needs to be taken seriously.  You want your home to be both difficult and undesirable for a criminal.  The following are some recommended actions to take to keep your home safe.

  • Make your home appear as if it is occupied at all times.
  • Valuables should be concealed and well hidden.
  • A large dog that barks when people approach is a good pet to have.
  • Don’t flash cash or jewelry in public.
  • Don’t leave empty TV boxes, computer boxes, etc., at the roadside for trash pickup as it will alert burglars that you have a large dollar new item.
  • Keep windows, front and back doors, sliding doors and garages locked.
  • Remove bushes that can conceal a burglar near your home.
  • Get caller ID.
  • Beware of dishonest workmen, contractors or handyman who may want to do work on your home only to scope it out as a potential burglary target.
  • Do not let mail, newspapers or flyers pile up in front of your door or in your mailbox as this is a potential sign that the house is unoccupied at the present time.
  • If you are out for the day leave $20.00 in cash, in plain view, inside the house by the front door.  If the $20.00 is gone when you return you will know someone has been inside the house.
  • Be situationally aware.
  • Have a plan of action for dealing with intruders/criminals.