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The Movie 2012 portrays the end of the world in….you guessed it 2012.  The wealthy, the politicians and those well connected have the potential, or right as they see it to be taken to a place of safety while the huddled masses are left to fend for themselves.  This movie highlights the epic struggle of one family and how they must face the perils of an end of the world scenario.

As evidence is discovered that the world will end in 2012 the major world powers try to suppress the information from the general public so that only those with wealth, power and political connections will be saved; after they pay exhorbinant fees to embark on 4 fully enclosed life saving arks.  Meanwhile a struggling writer goes to any lengths possible to save his wife and children from the apocalyptic end of the world.

There are no zombies in this movie but there are stunning visual effects and disaster sequences and this movie will keep you wondering can anything else possibly happen to this family in their efforts to reach safety.  As a survival movie it is enjoyable in both storyline and visual effects and is a good survival movie recommendation.